Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why is @WritingNoDrama so mean?

Ah, I'm only 2 days into the launch, and already I can hear the hue and cry.

Carolyn doesn't care about (fill in the blank)

She doesn't care that (blank), (blank), and (blank) are holding me back from writing.

You know what? You are right. I do NOT care....

Well about the excuses.

What DO I care about?

Your STORY. You know, the one that's trapped inside of you because you keep buying into all those excuses you gave above.

I'm not here to be your advocate, but your story's.

I love your story. I haven't even met it yet, but I know how much I love it. Western. Sci Fi. Deep Psychological Thriller. Chick-lit. Yeck, I'll take Kid-Lit. Doesn't matter the genre or the writing level, I love it.

Because of my deep and abiding affection for your story, I am rather annoyed at you.

Why? well, because the universe gave you this awesome story (to tell to me, and well, I guess others) and you are selfishly bottling up inside. Keeping it for yourself.

Now luckily your story is far more forgiving than I. It is patient and will wait until you come to terms with writing it.

I, however, find patience highly overrated and know that we can get to that process a heck a lot faster if we just stop listening to all the Doubting Thomas' in our head and just sit down and write the damn thing down!

So whenever you get upset with me or feel like I am pushing you too hard or am not taking enough care of your feelings, remember, I'm in your story's corner, routing for you to let it out!

And come on, that's got to be just a little bit charming #atinybit #ananogrambit

Your assignment (if you chose to take it, although why anyone wouldn't is beyond me) is...

For a day, every time you delay your writing with an 'excuse,' imagine you are closing a vault door on that pretty little story you've got inside.

Is that 'excuse' really worth holding your story hostage?

Let me know how it goes in the comment box below!


  1. Might have to visit you here every once in a while ;) My story appreciates your support and is happy to have someone fighting for it, haha.

  2. I adore your blog and find the blunt, no-nonsense approach funny and efficient as opposed to mean. With that said, I'll get back to writing!