Sunday, July 18, 2010

Re-Writing: A Second Chance

As we know, I love writing, but for me I love re-writing even more.

Even though I don't find the blank page scary at all, I do feel a certain pressure to get the story out. To figure out all those stupid, you know, facts that have to go into the plot.

Like if my Hero is in Bulgaria, how long will it take him to fly to Paris. You know stuff like that. I have to be sure that is my Love Interest is a pilot she uses, oh I don't know aeronautical terms.

So for me, that is a little stressful. I want to make sure that my tentpole really is a tentpole, standing in the middle of my story with enough intrigue and action to carry the reader into the second half of Act 2.

This first draft is the nuts and bolts of the story. I have to get my Hero from point A to point B and have it not only make sense, but have it come out organic.

However for the re-write? Ah, all those pesky facts are hopefully taken care of. All the major angst over how I am going to break the laws of physics and still have the story make sense are over.

Now, I just get to play. For me, this second draft is the most fun. This is when I dig into character. When I find the super cool way to solve sticky situations. When I can concentrate on turning that phrase just right.

The backbone is laid in and now I get to flesh out the story.

I know so many writers that groan at re-writing, but I really can't see it. The work of grinding out that first draft is over and while the tedium of line edits is on the horizon, it isn't here yet.

So enjoy this golden time for your story. When you take it from a draft to a full grown book! :-)

Your Assignment: Take a small section of your book that's been bugging you and do a re-write... with JOY! I don't care how dark and twisted your work, that doesn't mean that you can't embrace the rewriting process and make it work for your story!

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  1. Digging into characters, solving sticky situations, and turning phrases make it sound fun the second time around. Let the re-writes begin :)

  2. We need to seriously do an attitude adjustment on the bench when it comes to re-writes... Thanks for the great advice ;)

  3. I love the re-writing phase, too! For me it's getting the idea and writing those first words that cause stress. It's during the editing - no matter how many times it takes - that the story I was writing all along comes out. Love that!

  4. (visiting from twitter) . . .

    It's true - my second draft is where I flesh out scenes, fiddle dee dee with the characters, etc - I do love the first time or two or three I do my "read throughs" after the book is written. It opens up new ideas and thought and insights. If I can read though my manuscript multiple times and not become bored, I have hope my reader won't be bored *laugh*

    What I find boring: when I get the line edits from my editor at my publishers. Not as much fun, but still many times I gain insights.

  5. Just killed myself (not really) over a first draft - can't wait to dig into the second and get it all ironed out!!!

    With Joy... okay, I can do that. ;)

  6. Have read 50 pages of Plain Jane and enjoying the heck out of it. The way you introduced your hero, a profiler gone rogue, was perfect. I hope your fans will take advantage of your 50% off promo code; good reads are hard to find, even at full price. Irene

  7. I'm a rewriter too. I do several rough drafts, sorting logistics, story structure and so on - and then finally get to settle down and really enjoy the telling of each scene. Goocd post.