Sunday, September 19, 2010


There is something magical that happens when you write consistently. The words flow more easily. The ideas are sharper. Life is simply better.

Then why don't we ALWAYS write consistently?

That is a good question.

I think sometimes when we get into that groove it scares us. I know I have written the best I have ever written then found some excuse, any excuse to not go back to the keyboard for days or even weeks.

It is almost like we fear we can never live up to that again. That giving ourselves permission to suck goes out the window. "But, but, but, I just wrote WELL! Don't make me go back to the salt mines of despair."

Why can't we simply be happy for that golden moment and then write daily until we experience it again?

I think because as writers we are superstitious. By thinking 'that was good.' Or 'that was easy,' we just doomed ourselves to never repeat it.

I am here to tell you that is NOT true. There was nothing magical or jinxing about feeling good about your writing.

It is also an exact moment in time you can NOT recreate. Whatever next good writing experience you have will NOT be exactly like you one you had.

And that is okay. It is okay to keep sucking and getting pages done because you WILL hit your stride again. The clouds will part and the heavens will smile down upon you.

As a matter of fact I find the more I simply embrace sucking and get my pages in for the day, the more frequently the skies above are clear. Actually the better I feel about sitting down to write, the better I actually write.

How about you try it for a week? Write consistently, every day. I don't care if it just 10 minutes, but write. Embrace the fact you are a writer.

ENJOY the process, not the perfect pages it may or may not create.

That is how I finished Plain Jane in 2 months. Simple, deliberate, day by day writing.

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  1. You're absolutely right. Writing is a muscle that either gets flexed every day or shrivels up, maybe never to grow again.

  2. So true...if you don't use it you lose it. #justwrite

  3. This is why I do crazy things like facilitate programs that gets writers into community to write together. It is one thing to say "What a great idea" and do it and another to get your butt in the chair and actually write.

    Great words of wisdom today... am grateful I popped in when I did...

    If writing in community might help you...