Sunday, October 24, 2010

You are hosting a WHAT?

Yep, that's right. I have decided to take our relationship to the next level...


While I love the quick tips I am able to give out over the twitter stream, I have so much to say about so many subjects (as you could probably imagine).

So after we went live with the @indiebookibc radio show on marketing (if you have a blog and/or book - and everyone #should - check out the #IBC show as well for tips and tricks on how to sell your book), I thought, how perfect would a radio show be for my writing stream!

Our first show will air October 30th (this upcoming Saturday) at 2PM PST (you can sign up for an automated reminder for the show here). I figure what a great way to get everyone motivated and ready for their new writing week than on Sunday to get their booties kicked - I mean to hear some tough love... no, I mean to be embraced by warmth and light #ok #fine #Iammoreofawhipcrackingkindofgirl

Want to talk about your Hero? Great!
Need help with a plot point? That's what a call-in radio show is ALL about!

I am telling you if you like our tweets and our blog you are going to LOVE the radio show!

So click here to 'follow' the show and don't forget to sign up for Blog Talk Radio's automated reminder so you don't miss a word!

Can't wait to actually 'talk' to everyone!

#now #gowrite #Imaybeexcited #butIhaven'tlostmymind :-)


  1. I cannot wait!!! Already have my reminder set :)