Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting Ready for a New Year

As the holiday season pummels us... I mean greets us, it is a great time to breathe in the winter air (or summer depending on your hemisphere) and think about what writing means to us.

Many of you participated in NaNo this year and I commend you, at the same time I am hearing a lot of burned out people on the stream. Or maybe you didn't do Nano but wished you had. Or maybe you just fear your book will never, ever get done.

I am hear to tell you, time will fix everything. If Nano spent your energy, take this time to regain it. If you didn't do Nano, set your own goals. Remember if you simply write 3 pages a day in 100 days you will have 300 pages done. That is SO doable!

If you haven't gotten your book done, there truly is only one thing standing in your way. Fear.

You are afraid of being exposed. Most of the time you are afraid of both ends of the spectrum. You are afraid of being exposed as a hack, but also as a success.

I can't believe the number of authors I meet on social media and in real life that are too timid to do an interview or go on our IBC radio show. Um... I know writers aren't talkers, but come on!

If you aren't going to want to shout your book's virtues from the rooftops, then who will?

So I say let's take this whole, time for reflection and look forward.

Pretend your book is already done. How are you going to promote it? What do you want interviewers and reviewers to say about your book?

For some of you this exercise is terrifying. You quake at the thought of approaching strangers to read your book and give a critique. Great! You might as well face the fear now, rather than when your book is out and needs your help!

If the thought of getting out there and talking about your book excites you... Great! Let that feeling invigorate your writing. Let it motivate you to finally sit down and get a writing schedule.

Whatever you feel your shackles are to writing unfettered, spend these next few weeks releasing them. Start the New Year with a New Attitude!

Embrace your writing and it will embrace you back :-)

Obviously for the next few we won't be talking. That doesn't mean we aren't thinking about our writing (at the least!)

Have a fantastic holiday season and see you next year! :-) :-) :-)

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