Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Call to Action

I try to keep the Writing Without the Drama stream and blog about you... the writer.

Today, however I am going to make it about me.

Well, not actually about me, but about my book and what it can do for the indie market, and therefore for you too.

You see I also founded the Indie Book Collective to help any author whether self or traditionally published learn how to use social media to its fullest potential to sell their books.

Today (2/28/11) is a huge day for the IBC and for myself.

Why? Because my controversial historical thriller, "30 Pieces of Silver" is up for "Bestseller for a Day."

This is an event where the selected author and the Collective join together to drive an indie title as far up the Kindle charts as possible.

And today is my turn. I could not be more thrilled. #seriously #Iamdoingthepeepeedance

I have practiced what I preach.
I have written the best book I could.
I had it professionally edited (twice, but that is a whole other blog).
I obtained a blurb from thriller-great James Rollins.

I have even lined up my 'dream' agent to be watching the results of today's sales. If I can hit it out of the park, I am represented by an A-list agent. If not... well, let's try to dwell on the positive.

What do I need from you, my precious blog reader?

All I ask is that you spend 99 cents of your hard earned money and go to "30 Pieces of Silver's" Kindle page and purchase my novel. #likerightnow #prettyplease

Then watch my kindle numbers rise, baby!

Not only will you be doing me a favor and potentially changing the trajectory of my writing career, but if you ever hope to publish and/or sell you book as an indie, this event and my level of success can only help your career too!

Oh and did I mention if you purchase "30 Pieces of Silver" today and go to the website you can enter to win a FREE KINDLE?

My little way of saying 'Thank You.' :-)

Also don't forget that my Patterson-style thriller with a dash of Hannibal, "Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware" is the "Bonus Buy" today (find out more at

Yep, if you purchase "30 Pieces of Silver" along with "Plain Jane" you can head on over to and get a full rebate for your purchase price of "Plain Jane!"

That's 2 amazing books for the less than $1!!!

Again, thank you so much for your support and next week we will go back to our regularly scheduled program...

The topic "Is That Your Tentpole... or are you just glad to see me?" Yes, you can start making the jokes now :-)


  1. As an indie 'hopeful' myself, I'll buy the book. Hope you get your agent!

    Best of luck,


  2. Here I am, stalking your blog as usual ;-) #notinacreepyway I'm heading over to Amazon to purchase my copy of 30 Pieces of Silver. Indie authors are such a positive group of people. We band together to offer support and I will say this. Our voice is getting louder each day. Best wishes for your bestseller for a day.

  3. I'm hoping that sales on amazon UK will count towards this, as well, because that's where I've got my copy from. I really enjoyed reading Plain Jane and look forward to reading this one soon. All the best of luck being a Bestseller for the Day (if not longer) and good luck nabbing your agent!

  4. ... and I was just saying to myself, "Self, we need a new thriller to read. I wonder if I can find a new author to love." #just99cents

  5. Good luck, Carolyn! Heading on over now to purchase my copy and then to enter to win a Kindle!

  6. Congratulations all the way around! Gonna go take a look at 30 Pieces of Silver.