Sunday, June 5, 2011

Losing yourself in your writing

A Guest Post by Nai'lah Carter...

As a writer, you have to become one with your story but also know when to step away from it. You have to give yourself time to write but also time to be, you. Even though the writer and individual are two in one, each needs breathing space.

When you write,

  • Live your characters—know who they are, their likes, dislikes and the way they would react in different circumstances.
  • Write the story the way it comes to you.
  • Don’t stop writing to edit or worry about logics. Allow your characters to tell their story.

Now, the story is completed and you’re excited to see the final product. Find something to do—knit or delve into a new book then return to your story. As you read it, even though you’re the author you are bewildered at the turn of events. Edit your story and assure that all dots are connected. If possible, have someone else read it.

What’s worst than a writer being his/her own critic? A writer trying to change the story their muse presented to them. “I don’t like the ending…let me change it.” STOP! Let your story breathe. This is the hardest task to ask a writer to perform but—remove yourself from your work and allow your story to, be. I can guarantee you, you will see how wonderfully flawed your characters are and they way they took control.

Often times the individual is broken into greater sub-sections: spouse, sibling, daughter, friend, and so on and the writer struggles to find time to devote to his/her work. The solution is simple in theory but not practicality. Every writer should:

· Schedule writing times.

· Give yourself deadlines

· When life’s emergencies come into play, your writing becomes secondary. In order to adhere to your deadlines, utilize your next ‘writing hours’ to make up for lost time.

· Pay attention to what you’re doing as opposed to what you didn’t get a chance to do. No matter how minute it may seem; you’re being productive.

If this is your dream, fulfill it by executing! Here’s where support comes in. Your family and friends should understand your goals—long and short term. However support should be reciprocated, just as your friends and family support you, you have to allot time to be there for them. Just as you find time to write, you must find time for them. Do not allow yourself to become so enthralled into your work that you lose yourself in it.

When you’re writing, write. When you’re working, work. When you’re spending time with your family, be there in action and thought. In addition you also need, ‘you’ time. Allow your, self to serve precedence over, The Writer. Hard work pays off but everyone needs time for him/herself. Ample rest is as important as producing material. It is critical to make time for each role you play to preserve sanity.

Wishing you all the best,


Nai'lah Carter is a full-time mother and wife attempting to make my dream a reality. I'm a passionate writer--focused and dedicated to my gift. With hard work, results are show to follow. I believe in creating opportunities as opposed to waiting for them.


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