Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Darkest Hour

The last section of Act 2

Last blog we got our Hero out of the Tentpole, barely.

The group is shaken. Disheartened. The Hero many times has gone off to pout.. I mean go it alone. Of course to protect his friends, not because he's scared (never that :-)

The Hallmark of this section is that the Hero FINALLY realizes either the world or his soul (or both) is truly at stake.

He may still try to go it alone, run to draw off the villain, or commit to the fight, however he still refuses the Hero's mantle.

He doesn't see its use.

So we go into the final battle with the Hero's loin girded, however this isn't enough.

The battle is epic, and the hero loses. Badly.

He is truly broken. Striped down. Bare. Hopeless.

The Villain has the knife dangling above his head...

But takes one last kick to the groin.

Instead of shattering the Hero though, this last insult galvanizes the Hero.

He isn't going to take it any more.

He stands and he... FIGHTS, only this time with his Hero's mantle on.

And that mantle he has been rejecting for 2 acts has some pretty amazing powers.

It gives him HOPE.

And therein lies the turn of Act 2.

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  1. Thanks! I was wondering how i divide my scenes up - how do I define my turning points? I didn't think of defining them by the hero's struggles.

    Since my romance seems to focus more on the hero, that makes sense for me.

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    Roshni (on twitter I am @lifefrommyworld)

  3. (And sorry about my absolutely rubbish spelling! On a train and touch typing is not as easy as it look in motion!)

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