Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The End... Of This Story that is #alwaysleaveroomforasequel

The second half of the 3rd Act.

You've shot your wad on your climax #sotospeak

Your Hero is healed.

What more is there to do and say?

Lots. Well, at least 1-2% of your entire story that is.

This section is called the denouement.

It is where we get to see your Hero fully integrated into his new life.

Is he happy? Is he in a living hell? That is your call, but we do need to see where he is and how he is feeling.

Did he get the girl? Has the magician returned?

How tormented or dead is the Villain?

Is there any room for a sequel? Any wiggle room at all?

This is where you put that all out.

As you can see this section needs to be short and to the point, but it is ever so essential.

Our audience needs this section to feel the story is wrapped up. That there are no loose ends.

That doesn't mean "pat" answers or full resolution, but closure.

Alright, next blog is an overview of the 7 Act Structure then next week we go deep into the Hero's Arc!

Have a great #writing week!

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