Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Tour de Force!!!!

Stop #1 HeartsBlood!

That's right, people!

The Blog Tour de Force has officially begun and this little ole blog is where the fun begins!

For any of you who have been living in a cave, I am one of the founders of the @IndieBookIBC@amberscootbooks, @rachelintheoc and @LMStull we threw together the mother of all blog tours! plus I write a bunch of stuff. And I would love a bunch of people to read my bunch of stuff. So with

"Get Loaded...Your eBook reader that is"

That's right, 12 authors banded together to put together a Grand Prize package that includes... wait for it... a Kindle!

That's right, you can win a Kindle and not only that but have it loaded with all 12 authors books plus a gift basket filled with gifts from each author.

Even the 1st Prize is off the hook with all 12 authors giving your their eBook for free! And those are just the overall prizes.

Each stop on the way will have its own set of prizes from the author. Free eBooks. Free signed paperback copies. Individual gift baskets. You name it, it'll probably be given away!

But, let's get back to me #myfavoritetopic

Today we are celebrating my paranormal romance/urban fantasy "HeartsBlood"

How would I describe it? Um... how about I let a few reviewers do it for me?

Oh. Dear. God. I loved HeartsBlood!

When I was reading it, I couldn't put it down. When I wasn't reading it it was all I could think about. I loved that I couldn't figure out what was coming next. The plot was truly spellbinding.

Seriously, I laughed, I cried, I worried. And when I finished the book I wanted to pick it back up and start from the beginning again.”
Lori W. (@funkycakes)

HeartsBlood is a paranormal romance? I hate to argue with Carolyn, but this is a kick-but-and-take-names urban fantasy. No, it is a thriller. Wait. I think it might be an action packed story of love and magic that defies classification!

I fear only women will read HeartsBlood when it was one of the most exciting thrillers I have read in a long while!

Guys, take note HeartsBlood is for you too!”
Ben Hopkin (@actingnodrama)

Also please check out my review sponsors...

I really appreciate all their kind words! Please check each and every one of them out for their opinion of "HeartsBlood" (because Lord knows you shouldn't trust me!) plus find even more ways to enter the Grand Prize Drawing for that "Loaded Kindle!"

So Amber told me I needed to write something really pithy and fun for this blog. You know, something I hadn't told any other reviewer. That I really needed to hit it out of the park.

Obviously she has never read anything previous on this blog otherwise she would have known it was a lost cause (and thank gawd I am going first so you can't judge me against the others!).

But what I can say is... If Tyr (the uber-hot, stubbled, tall, dark and dangerous hero from HeartsBlood) came walking down the street...
a) I would swoon
b) He would step over my unconscious body
c) I would be okay with that!

The other really cool thing about the Blog Tour de Force is that I got meet a lot of really great other indie authors. The first I'd like to mention is Kris Tualla. Her "A Matter of Principle" is historical fiction at its best.

The third in her series, you are going to love the chemistry and romance of Nicholas and Sydney. Set in St. Louis during the 1800s, the plot unfolds like a delicious meal. Tempting tidbits of mystery to start, building to an incredibly satisfying conclusion, with, of course, a silky smooth dessert to finish it all off with.

You are going to want to immediately go out and buy books 1 & 2! I know I did!

"A Matter of Principle's" Blog Tour day is tomorrow 1/18 so hit her up here! #seriously #Iwillbewatching

Then there is Susan Schreyer's "Death by a Dark Horse." Being a veterinarian you can imagine how hooked I was by a book with one of the main characters being a horse suspected of murder! I mean, come on! I get to use my veterinary and my love of police procedure to solve a crime! How often does that happen #notnearlyenough

Even if you aren't a horsey-girl like myself, I think you will find the complicated relationships and exquisite mystery more than satisfying in and of itself.

Susan's blog day is January 29th. Mark your calendars so you can hit her up here (or better yet sign up for our newsletter so you don't have to 'remember' anything! Get a daily reminder along with author news and super secret BONUS ways to enter the Kindle give away!).

Also don't forget that the tour will conclude at the Indie Book Collective on January 31st with an incredible scavenger hunt for loads of different ways to enter the Grand Prize drawing for that free Kindle!

Plus you can go to and sign up for our newsletter - just that alone gets you 5 entries into the drawing for brand spanking new Kindle, plus you get fun content from the authors and EXCLUSIVE ways to rack up lots of entries! Sign up NOW!

But what about HeartsBlood you ask? What spectacular prizes are you giving away TODAY?

Why, I am so glad you asked!!!

First off, anyone who follows this blog and leaves a comment (even 'yo, Carolyn') gets a free eBook! #howawesomeisthat

Second my gift basket is in my opinion, kicks some serious booty!

Not only do you get a free eBook, but you also get a signed paperback copy of "HeartsBlood" along with a gift basket that includes some blood red nail polish (for obvious reasons), a cut crystal necklace just like the one in "Heartsblood," and a hand-stained and burned-in leather bookmark. A truly unique keepsake! And a "Hello Kitty" pen, just to keep it real. #Iamsuchagiver

How do you enter for the "HeartsBlood" gift basket? Simple!
Simply go to and download your free 100 pages. Then simply leave a comment with your favorite line from pages 24-30! #toldyouitwassimple!

Oh, and did I mention that I need your help to kick the other author's butts? Because for us authors there is a free book trailer at stake! And I know how much you want me to be the proud winner! So please remember to go the the Indie Book Collective blog on Jan 31st and vote for me!!! #youknowyouwanna :-)

Alright, I am going to wrap this puppy up with a great big THANK YOU to all my readers, hope you enjoy "HeartsBlood" and I can hardly wait to see who wins my gift basket!


  1. Hey Caroline! Glad I came across your blog. I've added it to my GReader. HeartsBlood sounds really interesting and I'm looking forward to reading it!

  2. Hahaha! I loved your write up. I think it would be impossible for someone to read your post and NOT want to participate in anything. I'm heading on over to smashwords right now. Like I said, I loved this post - me thinks I'll LOVE your book! I must find out about this swoon worthy Tyr. (pronounced "tear"?)

  3. LOVE this blog tour! And your book is on my list of "TO READ SOON!" It was even before this tour. The concept and blurb make it the exact perfect book for me. I'm even going to have my writer-boyfriend read it! :) We are both full time writers going the indie-publishing route this year. I've just had the pre-launch of my first book book "Bits of You & Pieces of Me," so it's exciting to see all that's being done for the indie authors of the world.

    Great work and good luck!

  4. Heard you on Blogtalkradio! Please send me the ebook as I'm interested in reading it after hearing you.

  5. My favorite line:
    ...the thing to reignite their love life was to
    try something daring like the Latvian Splits...

  6. Wow, not only does your book sound amazing, but this blog tour is an awesome idea!

    Off to follow some of your links :)

  7. Wow this is an awesome tour!
    Loved the teaser!!!

    oh I had a few lines that I liked. one being
    - “Tell Dr. Manning to get her buns of steel in here.”
    - I also did like " A part of her felt that the thing to reignite their love life was to try something daring like the Latvian Splits that Maria kept carrying on about. "

    Thanks for the post/ tour!

  8. How could I not want to read Heartsblood after those reviews? I just added it to my wish list!!
    Here's the line that I liked “Maybe you should leave that big rock at home if you don’t know how to use it.


  9. Looks like a terrific book. I love the idea of the blog tour de force.

  10. You hooked me on the first sentence. If your blog is this well written then I can't wait to read Heartsblood!

  11. I absolutely loved the sentence..."Unfortunately, Richard didn’t seem to understand that it was hard to ignore corrosive, acid rain on your back, but she gave it her best shot."...I work with all women and no offense to our gender but some times I think we all feel like we can't ignore the beating at our backs.

  12. Hi, first time here, and I'm a little lost. Having a senior moment. We were told to download the first 100 pages, is that correct? The download has a price, but another chart says to download a sample. Is that where I find my 100 pages? OK....stop laughing! I'm here and on WritingNoDrama because I am in dire need of building security in myself up. Suddenly am facing self doubt, which I suppose is normal. Any suggestions? This is a great idea, this blog and I hope to hang around a lot, I entered the tour and love all the goodies you are offering and this chance to win. I hope I do win!

    Barb Shelton
    barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

  13. Oo, catching up on the Blog Tour - I hope it's not too late to get in on this. HeartsBlood sounds great!

    contact at jamigold dot com