Sunday, January 9, 2011

You have realized you are a writer... But no one else seems on-board???

Yes, I have heard you loud and clear on the stream.

Maybe you have even embraced my "Absolutely No Excuse" campaign and are determined to write and publish a book this year.


No one else in your world thinks that's a good idea. Maybe your parents think it is a total waste of time. Your kids see it as a real inconvenience to their taxi service, and let's face it even the dog wants to go on more walks.

So what do you do? Give up? Throw up your hands and let yet another year go by in which you dream of writing, but you know... don't write?

Or is this the year you figure it out? You figure out how to politely nod to those nay-sayers yet still apply some time management skills to your life and find the time to write... consistently?

It would be wonderful (and for those of you who do have support on the home front, I am a little jealous so just count your blessings and don't rub it in :-) for everyone in our lives to embrace our writing and help us in any way possible.

Ya, right! Most of us have family and friends that look at us like we are crazy and either exude a kind of apathy at helping you achieve your goals, or sometimes are downright determined to sabotage you.

Yes, that sucks. But hey, that's life.

Remember your story is YOURS. It was given to you by whatever muse you believe in. It was not a small gift, but an extraordinary one. No one else in the world has one exactly like it.

It isn't your family or friends decision to see that story through to the published end. It is yours.

So... you know... write it.

I am here to help you in any way possible :-) :-) :-)

How can I help you ask (ok, you didn't ask, but throw me a bone :-) ...

I have the BlogTalkRadio show every Saturday at 2pm PST where we talk craft, craft, and more craft! Tune in and listen LIVE or better yet call in and ask your questions live. If you aren't available on Saturdays at 2pm PST, no worries, you can subscribe via iTunes and listen to the archive! Listen right now!

I am also offering on-line writing classes for the new year. Actually more like coaching. No lectures per se but evaluating work and giving advice/critique/techniques to take your writing to the next level :-)

If you want more info on the classes just @ or DM me on Twitter @writingnodrama or email me at writingnodrama (at) aol (dot) com. I offer group/semi private/private classes!

And on a final note, next week I will be hosting my stop on the #BlogTourDeForce blog tour for my new paranormal romance HeartsBlood. Please stop by the blog will be fun and there are a ton of prizes up for grabs including a brand spanking new KINDLE!

For more info just hit up

Until next week!


  1. Dear One,

    I wish to affirm what you've said here. I recently watched an interview where a musician's advice to anyone embarking on a career in the arts was that they should never let anyone cause them to doubt their talent or sway them from what they know is their purpose in life. "Don't let them put their fear or their failure on you," he said. And he suggested they think about it. Looking back on my own life, I have to admit, I did listen when my father's fears and best intentions influenced me to take a "safer" path. Years later, it was a huge gift I gave myself, going back to the arts. For an artist, whether a writer or musician or visual artist, not doing our craft is, in a way, like living only half a life. Our way of being in the world is to create, to give expression to things unvoiced or unsaid in precisely the ways only we can say them. Thank you for this post. Peace and continued good things for you.


  2. My family and friends all say it sounds great, but I'm finding that they aren't so much keen to actually read my work. That's okay though. With a supportive social media group, there are other writers willing to read my work as well (including you with your coaching). I always try to turn the negative into a positive, even if the negative is quite disheartening.

  3. "Remember your story is YOURS. It was given to you by whatever muse you believe in. It was not a small gift, but an extraordinary one. No one else in the world has one exactly like it."
    What a wonderfully uplifting thing to say! I have never really paid attention to what I call "nay sayers". You know people who think everyone should have a nice, normal 9-5 job! I hear them, I just don't pay attention. I know in my heart what I should do, and I do it! I taught privately for a while, for myself, and when students or parents of students who wanted to work in any of the arts askedmy help, for parents it was to talk their kids out of it, I always told both sets of people that" if someone has a burning desire deep in their soul to work in any of the arts, then they should. You have to do what you know you are called to do, but, if it is only a passing fancy, or you are in it for the money, fame, getting laid ( let's face it it is a reason just not a good one!) then forget it. All of the arts are tough and only those who do it for the love, and are completely driven will succeed." I also pointed out nay sayers are clueless, jealous, or don't really care about YOU because if they did, they would support you when pursuing your love for ____ (music, writing, art, acting, etc.)

    I also thought I should let you know when I first looked into the IBC, and saw a comment about how today's writers aren't all out for themselves, they are, or should be about helping each other, I was impressed, happy to know it, grateful for your efforts, and generally just was glad to find out about the IBC and to follow and join!
    Write On!